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About Us

We are a team of telecommunications and agricultural engineers deeply committed to sustainable agriculture and beekeeping.We understand the crucial role of bees in preserving our biological diversity and ensuring a thriving agriculture. We are committed to doing our part to advance these crucial objectives.

bee2keeper is an innovative solution for beekeepers combining top quality terminals and data communication services at unbeatable prices and with an unmatched product lifespan. We can deliver superior value for our customers because our hardware and software engineers control every phase of development from product design through manufacturing and quality control prior to shipping. We always strive to be first-to-market with the latest technological advances.

Our Mission

We offer beekeepers critical tools for protecting and nurturing their hives, safeguarding their investment and maximizing hive productivity. Our cost-effective bee2keeper system delivers the most advanced technological solutions on the market for theft prevention and critical data tracking.

Our Experience

The bee2keeper engineering team comes from multinational telecommunications companies and has worked together for more than fifteen years. We have more than thirty years of experience developing m2m systems, including terminals, platforms, and APPs for both ANDROID and iOS. By developing both hardware and software solutions, we can offer customized products of exceptional quality at extremely competitive prices.

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